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Cafe Mono Congo back deck overlooking Baru River & Playa Dominical
Eat Well. Feel Good. Be Love.

Waterfront Eatery in the Jungle

Playa Dominical, Costa Rica

Something For Everyone.

Cafe Mono Congo has always been, and always will be, a place for community. Where everyone is welcome. Whether you are surfers, yogis, tourists, cyclists, families, local businesses, locals or expats. Whoever you are. Mono Congo is a place away from the hectic city where you can relax and enjoy great coffee and yummy food.

All of our dishes are made in-house from scratch using only local and premium ingredients. Originally a vegetarian café, we have shifted our menu a little to include something for everyone – from gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan-options to veggie burgers & fries or heartier meals (with free-range chicken). We also serve organic cold pressed juices, kombuchas to beer, wine and cocktails.

A little something for everyone.



litte sips

Espresso & Iced Coffees

Hot Teas & Tea Lattes

Special Order From The Bakery

We’ve love to make birthday cakes or cupcakes to help you celebrate. Sometimes we can make them vegan or gluten free. We usually need 48 hours notice to make sure you are super-impressed. Take a look at Our Bakery.

Sometimes things are just a bit better with some extra hot sauce 🔥🔥

POV: it’s Sunday morning, warm sunshine on your face, you are looking at a flowing blue river, drinking delicious coffee, are in good company enjoying a great breakfast ☺️

A perfect Sunday in our books! What’s yours?

All the yummy stuff in our veggie burrito 🥗 have you tried it?

Perfect way to start your day! 💪🏼

The 2022 countdown has started! How are you spending your last few days this year?