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Where Everyone is Welcome

Cafe Mono Congo has always been, and always will be, a place for community. Where everyone is welcome. Whether you are surfers, yogis, tourists, cyclists, families, local businesses, locals or expats. Whoever you are. Mono Congo is a place away from the hectic city where you can relax and enjoy great coffee and yummy food.
our philosophy

Something For All Tastes

All of our dishes are made in-house from scratch using only local and premium ingredients. Originally a vegetarian cafĂ©, we have shifted our menu a little to include something for everyone – from gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan-options to veggie burgers & fries or heartier meals (with free-range chicken).

We also serve organic cold pressed juices, kombuchas to beer, wine and cocktails. A little something for everyone.

Our Back Story

Growing With Our Community

In 2014, Cafe Mono Congo started with only a few small tables, couple employees and a small menu built around the infamous Tico Burritto. Eight years later, we have expanded our team to over 25 people, our menu to include lunches, our coffee to include two proprietary blends (Monkey Punch & King Kong) and our facilities to include an in-house bakery, a back office bodega and a lower back deck with rain coverage.

Mono Congo was founded and is operated by Canadian husband & wife team, Shelby Tett and Joanne (Jo) Brookes. The original cafe cook Shelby can now be found hands-on in the daily operations as COO. And the original cafe cashier Jo can be found online through the marketing (CMO) & finance. Most days, you can also find both of them out in the waves whenever possible or out walking with their 5 dogs on the river road.