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Buy a Gift Card

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to get them? Why not a Mono Congo gift card? You can fill in the details in our checkout below and we’ll email you a gift card immediately.

How does this gift card work?

Enter in the amount you want to buy above. As you fill out the form, you can choose to have the gift card emailed instantly or pick up a card from our cafe directly.

The person receiving the gift card can receive an email in their inbox with a fully branded card/certificate they can either print, download, or save to their phone.

With the cards picked up at the cafe, we put the official code for the card on the card.

When the recipient comes in to use the card, we log into the tracking site and scan their card. It shows the amount they have available.

Each time they use the card, we deduct the amount from their account until the account is completely used up. The card does not have an expire date.

How can I a pay for the gift card?

You’ll see as you fill it out, that you can arrange payment through sinpe, paypal, bitcoin or cash in store.

How Can I Check My Balance on My Card?

You just need to know your Gift Card identifier number and enter it under the Check My Giftcard Balance link.

How Can I Get a Factura Electronica for a gift card?

Please have the required information (formal name, formal id and email address used with the Ministeria de Hacienda) within your online order. You can also send it separately by email info@cafemonocongo.com or through WhatsApp messaging at (506) 8485.5523.